New York Girls

1. As I walked down the Broadway one evening in July
I met a maid she asked my trade a sailor Jack said I
And away yo santy my dear Annie,
Oh you New York Girls can't you dance the polka.

2. To Tiffany's I took her I did not spare expense,
I bought her two gold earings there they cost me 50 cents,

3. She said you lime juice sailor now see me home you may,
But when we reached her cottage door these words to me did say

4. Me flashman he's a yankee with his hair cut short behind
He wears a pair of long sea boots, he's a Bosun in the Blackball line

5 I kissed her hard an proper before her flashman camel,
Saying fare thee well you Bowery girl I know your little game

6. I wrapped me glad rags round me and to the docks did steer,
I'll never trust another girl I'll stick to me bush and beer

7. I shipped on a Yankee bloodboat that sailed away next morn,
Steer clear of all them flash young girls you're safer off Cape Horn.

Midi Sequence Credit - John Renfro Davis