Windy Old Weather
1.As we were a fishing of Haisboro' light
Shooting and hauling and trawling all night
It was windy old weather, stormy old weather
When the wind blows we all pull together
2.Then up jumps a herring the queen of the sea
Says now old skipper you cannot catch me
In this windy..
3. Then round comes a plaice who's got spots on his side
Says not much longer these seas you can ride
In this windy..
4. Then round comes a mackerel with stripes on his back
Says now old skipper you'll shift your main tack
In this windy..
5. Then up jumps a slipsole as strong as a horse
Says now old skipper you'll shift your main course
In this windy..
6. Then up rears a congar as long as a mile
Wind's coming East'ly he say with a smile
And it's windy..
7. I think what these fishes is saying is right
We'll haul up our gear now and steer for the light.
Cos it's windy..