Past boats I've owned, which I will always treasure the happy memories they gave me and about which I'm happy to share what I know.

Marlin, a Jouet Tarentelle 27

I acquired Marlin in 1997 and had her until 2012. A French design from the pen of Phillipe Harle, excellent sailing qualities for her size. I sailed her all around the East Coast of the UK, easily managed single handed.

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Elan Rua was a Hunter 19

I owned Elan Rua from 1981 to 1997, an Oliver Lee design, based on the hull of his Squib keelboat with a cabin added

I've been a member of B.S.A.C. Club London Hellfins since 2007. The photos above were taken on dive trips with them a pair of Red sea Bannerfish in the Red Sea (obviously) and a Wolffish taken on a dive of St Abbs in the UK 


I have a Laser dinghy she's no 188042 I've called her Dom, because I bought her with money  I was left when my Aunt died (my Aunt was actually called Doreen but for some reason in the family she was always called Dom) I keep her at Erith Yacht Club, race her when there's an event on and err.. the weather is quite nice. I can do OK when the winds are light (the youngsters get bored and you need to spot the eddies). The Laser is quite a physical boat and in any sort of a breeze, someone who's giving the other competitors 40 or more years and whose first thought on seeing a puff coming is "ooh me back" is at a bit of a disadvantage but whatever, sailing her is fun.

Many, many years ago, in the 70's, when I was a student, a dinghy sailor Hunter boats introduced a sixteen foot trailer sail-er the Oliver Lee designed Hunter 490. I always hankered after one then. A few years ago, while browsing on ebay, as one does I saw one offered for sale and put in a silly bid, as one does. Shortly after Hunter 490 "Tingle" arrived.  She was lacking sails and lots of other bits and pieces and needs a bit of work but albeit very slowly due to other commitments she is progressing. There is a Yahoo Group for the Hunter 490, information on them can be found at there is a blog on them by a chap called Bill and I "plan" to add a blog to this website on progress made on mine 


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